Yours for Scotland

Happy New Year, folks! Hope you have enjoyed the celebrations wherever in the world you are and a massive welcome to the launch of the website!

This first article will recap the history of AyeforScotland as well as explain how I intend to use this page.

AyeforScotland started as a blog on the social media website, Tumblr in October 2013. As a 17 year old on holiday at the time I felt guilty for not being able to attend my local Yes stall to campaign. It could be argued that I was one of the more politically active students in my high school and there were many free periods spent discussing it with my classmates. The blog was my way of doing a bit more.

Initially, the general goal of the blog was to engage with young voters and deliver information in a bite-size, non-condescending manner. A really solid community was built, one which encouraged discussion and debate, and it's stood the test of time, recently entering its fourth year.

I was disheartened, and expected an exodus of readers after the result of the 2014 referendum so it was surprising when people wanted me to continue writing and updating the blog. This led to me writing posts regarding general elections, council elections, Brexit and everything in between. The benefit of tumblr was that readers from outside of Scotland and the UK could learn about Scottish politics in a way that was a bit more accessible than reading tweets and Facebook posts. This accessibility was due to the nature of Tumblr tending to have more cross-border connections. This encouraged me to keep my blog posts light on UK-centric jargon which improved clarity for new readers.

Last year saw a number of changes and improvements to how AyeforScotland operated. We went under a bit of rebranding as a stock photo of a saltire couldn't last forever. This involved a bold, new logo which added a slight degree of professionalism to something I've invested a lot of my time to over several years. I also started doing a bit of streaming on the popular platform Twitch. This added another dimension to the blog as it was the first time anyone had heard my voice and we could have a live discussion while people watched me attempt to succeed at video games.

I also started a YouTube Channel which was another first for me and so far it's an archive of a bit of Scottish video game banter and a bit of political discussion, although I hope to separate the two as the channel evolves. I'm looking forward to getting back into the video creation process this year. There's a whole lot I have planned and all will be revealed in due course.

This website promises to continue to embody the openness and friendliness of the Yes movement, a fantastically diverse and positively-minded grassroots movement that is prepared to make the case for Scotland's independence.

You are all extremely welcome and this website will act as a central hub for everything I do. You've also got a website you can share links from! I'm sure that this page will continue to evolve as time goes on and I'm looking forward to sharing that adventure with you as we strive for an independent nation.

Yours for Scotland,