The Last (Christmas) Supper

Next Christmas will probably look very different in a post-Brexit UK. We took a look at some of the utter nonsense over the past few months as well as give you styling tips for a post-Brexit UK.

Everything’s going pretty well at the moment. I no longer have the appendix which was causing me a bit of hassle, it’s nearly Christmas, and uni is done for the year. All in all, it’s pretty decent.

Same can’t be said for the complete disaster that is British politics recently. People bickering on twitter whether Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a ‘stupid woman’ or not, honestly, need to get a grip. This is a government smoke machine at work, no one really cares if he said it or not, the important thing is that it’s supposed to take people’s attention away from Brexit.

It’s the same with the pantomime at Gatwick Airport. It’s a great way for the government to get Brexit out the front pages for a few days before Christmas which comes with the deep-rooted cultural feeling of ‘Ohh it’s Christmas let’s not discuss politics’ and the wonderful reflection of the past year.

In fairness, if there’s one thing that this drone malarkey has proven, it’s that a single drone can bring a central piece of national infrastructure to a complete standstill, and it’s taken more than a few days to rectify. Makes you wonder what Brexit will be like.

(Sporting Brexit-chic)

Twitter is full of videos of media outlets touring various businesses in England, to ask about their views on Brexit. One guy had a company that exported flowers and said he’d voted leave but genuinely hadn’t considered the impact it would have on his business. Just like that, just voted leave without any regard for his business or staff. Dobber.

At my work we’ve got loads of colleagues from the EU, and we still don’t have a clue what Brexit will entail. There’s been murmurs of EU nationals being required to pay to remain, having to have their biometrics taken and stored on some database somewhere, and sitting a test. I’m sure most of you could relate, but imagine you’re at work and you find out your colleague has failed their test and have to ‘go home’. Imagine the impact that’ll have on team morale even before you get to the impact on the actual work.

Struggling to think of that? What about the nurse from the EU who looks after your granny? What if they don’t pass their test or can’t pay? What if they are in a relationship with another EU national who fails their test is no longer permitted to stay?

These questions have been asked millions of time and yet they still need serious answering. That being said, it’s also worth addressing the attitudes surrounding this type of debate. While the above points are perfectly valid questions, there is an underlying rhetoric that come from some of elements of remain support that reduces EU citizens to their value to the economy rather than, you know, their value as human beings.

Freedom of movement has enriched Scotland far beyond simple economic benefit. They’ve made our society what it is today and we’re much better for it. This is where Scotland stands apart from England but if we don’t stand up for our EU citizens before March, we don’t deserve them anyway.

With that being said...oh it’s Christmas, we shouldn’t be discussing politics. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Brace yourselves, we’re in for another wild ride in 2019.