The Climb

After an incredible week of raising awareness for AyeforScotland, we look ahead to the future. It’s time to start the climb.

This week something amazing happened. Attentive readers will have noticed that we started creating short videos for YouTube. Our ‘Scottish Politics Explained’ series has so far looked at what the Continuity Bill is as well as delved into the plans for a Scottish National Investment Bank. This was picked up by Truly Scottish TV and broadcast to their viewers and it got one hell of a reception.

Now, how did we come up with this idea? We looked at what the Yes campaign currently offers. We are a fantastically diverse movement with people from different backgrounds and experiences. There is a wealth of different viewpoints and perspectives, and all contribute to the Yes campaign.

It wasn’t too difficult to identify that boiling pot of political twitter can be extremely off-putting to those who don’t view it on a daily basis. Technical political jargon, ‘cybernats’, ‘yoons’, and a whole other range of terminology that is, lets face it, a pain in the arse to wade through if you just want a wee summary of what’s happening.

So we mapped out an idea on how best to deliver accessible summaries of what’s happening and we came up with short, roughly 5 minute videos that are easy to share with friends and family. We currently don’t have the capacity to fire out daily videos, but we’re going to do our best to make these videos the type you can show your granny. We’ll pop the first one down below.

Of course, like all things, we’ll refine our process and improve with time. With the prospect of an independence referendum coming up in less than a year. I’d say it’s definitely time to start the climb. Let’s do this.